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Tina Knowles Took Her Daugthers To Counseling

Tina Knowles took her daughter to counseling.  I admit I am a fan of Tina Knowles.  She is a strong and beautiful women who has been there to see her daughter’s achieve fame, she went through her ex husband Matthew affairs and fathering other children, with grace and dignity and now she has come forward… Read more »


Cute: Beyonce and Solange Slight Fall on Stage at Coachella

Cute: Beyonce and Solange slight fall on stage at Coachella.  Beyonce brought so much to the stage at Coachella and one of those treats was seeing her and her baby sis Solange perform together.  With marching bands, a Destiny’s mini reunion, and Bey and Solange everything was complete.  Even more complete when Beyonce tried to… Read more »

Solange Knowles Takes The Stage On Saturday Night Live

Beyoncé’s little sister Solange took to the stage last night on Saturday Night Live.  I did not see her performance last night, but got a chance to see it a short while ago.  Solange has always had her own unique style, which is totally different for Beyoncé’s , and she looked beautiful last night, but her… Read more »

Solange Knowles Explains Why Black Women Are Angry

We all Solange Knowles will tell it like it is, and will be willing to kick your behind if she has to.  Just ask her brother in law Jay Z.  Now she is speaking up for us women sharing a situation where she was recently treated unfairly by some white women at a concert.  No she… Read more »