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Tamar Says Vince Had Affair And Much More

Tamar says Vince had affair and much more.  First a very fed up Tamar is saying Vince had a affair with reality TV star Laura Govan.  Then she is saying that Vince got another woman (she called the woman a whore) pregnant.  If any of this is true, there is no chance Vince will ever… Read more »

Loni Love

Loni Love Says Tamar Still Hasn’t Called Her

Tamar…When are you going to call Loni Love??  Loni says Tamar still has not called her since Tamar left “The Real” talk show. My question is have you Loni Love reached out to Tamar?  It works both ways you know. Read More Here

Tamar Braxton

The Real Co-Host Blindsided By Tamar Firing

Now that we know Tamar Braxton won’t be coming back to The Real, the next question is did her co-workers know she was being fired? Well according to her co-host they did NOT know a thing, about this and they claim they were blindsided by the news as well. Read More Here