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Pacman Jones Gives Airport Employee a Beat Down

Pacman Jones gives airport employee a beat down.  This time it wasn’t his fault.  The incident happened at the Atlanta airport, and a airport employee and Pacman got into a altercation and the employee hit Pacman first and the rest is history.  I think it is wise to say don’t mess with Adam Pacman Jones. … Read more »


Cowboys Expected To Release Dez Bryant

Cowboys expected to release Dez Bryant.  Nooo!!  Say it ain’t !!  It’s so. No one quite knew which direction things would go when Dez Bryant met with Jerry Jones.  Jerry and his son Stephen made it very clear they were not happy with the return they were getting on their $70 million investment.   Not… Read more »

Zeke Ellicott

Zeke Ellicott Speaks Out: I’m Not An Abuser

Zeke Ellicott Speaks Out: I’m not an abuser.  Yes he will be playing today against Kansas but Zeke and his legal team have been working overtime to keep him on the football field.  So far all we have heard is Zeke is being accused of domestic violence.  We saw that the NFL has been pushing… Read more »

Our Dallas Cowboys Taking On the Denver Bronco’s In Denver

Our Dallas Cowboys Are Taking On The Denver Bronco’s In Denver!  Yay our boys are back!  Our Dallas Cowboys are on the road to play the Denver Broncos!  Most bets are on the Cowboys to win this one.  My cougar crush Dak Prescott will work hard to bring another one home!  I just love him.  Kickoff… Read more »

Ezekiel Ellicott

Ezekiel Ellicott In Altercation At Dallas Bar

Ezekiel Ellicott involved in altercation at Dallas Bar.  That’s according to TMZ.  What had happened was…a man began arguing with a women in Ezekiel’s party.  The source says Ezekiel got involved and punched the man.  Ouch I know that had to hurt.  The man was also supposedly intoxicated when everything happened. Read More Here

Superbowl Ticket Sales Down Since Cowboy Loss

Even after our devastating loss to Green Bay yesterday, the power of our boy’s as America’s football team is felt by more than just us Dallas Cowboy fans.  According to ESPN ticket sales to the Super Bowl went down 20 percent due the our loss to Green Bay.  It just goes to show we are… Read more »

Cowboys Playoff Tickets Sold Out

When your hot your hot!  The Dallas Cowboys tickets went on sale at 10 AM this morning and are already SOLD OUT!  It looks like I will be in front of my television or at someone’s game day party!  It’s an exciting time right now here in Dallas and my cougar crush (Dak Prescott)  is on fire!  The… Read more »

Dak I Got Your Back

Yes, I know I have a cougar crush on Dak Prescott, but let’s get down to the business of why Dak is such a extraordinary football player at his young stage of the game.  In the history of the Dallas Cowboys franchise the team has never won 11 straight games,…period, and Dak Prescott is a… Read more »

Why Dak Prescott Is The Man

Yes I have a “Cougar Crush” on Mr. Dak Prescott, but each day we see more reasons to love him but most importantly be inspired by him.  He is a man who represents “Faith” and Determination.  You see, The Dallas Cowboys entered the 2016 draft to get a young quarterback to back up Tony Romo.  After… Read more »