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Simple Assault Charge Against T.I. Dropped

Simple assault charge against T.I. dropped.  T.I. was cleared of simple assault charges from a dispute with a security guard in May. He will have to stand trial for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct charges from that same incident. If you don’t remember, T.I. was not allowed to enter his gated community after he didn’t… Read more »


So Cute: Tiny Teaches Little Heiress to Spell Her Name

So Cute:  Tiny teaches little heiress to spell her name.  This is so cute.  Little Heiress Harris the daughter of Tiny and T.I. Harris is two years old and is spelling her name in a old Macdonald way.  You have to see this.  Just adorable.


T.I. Gives Tiny Custom Mercedes for Her Birthday

T.I. gives Tiny custom Mercedes for her birthday.   Tiny has been living it up for her birthday.  First she was seen having a fabulous time with her girls on a girls trip in Miami.  Now T.I. has bought her a custom  Mercedes.  The price tag $225,000.  Wow now that’s a car!  Yes this car… Read more »


Tiny Files for Leave Of Absence in Her Divorce

Tiny files for leave of absence in her divorce.  This is good news in the family.  Ever since Tiny filed for divorce, the two of them didn’t seem sure they wanted to go through with it.  I think a lot of us want to see them together, because they seem to be so good together. … Read more »


Kandi Burruss Supporting Tiny After T.I. Break Up

Girl, you know breaking with someone is hard period.  Especially when you are in the public eye like T.I. and Tiny.  Tiny filed for divorce from T.I. after years of marriage and children, and it is not easy.  Privately there were rumors of T.I. messing around, them having a open marriage and so on.  But when we have… Read more »


T.I. And Tiny’s Reality Show To End

So much has been going on with T.I. and Tiny, the divorce rumors, the separation, and T.I. running around with other women, the question has been if their reality show “The Family Hustle” would be back, and if so would it show anything about their upcoming divorce.  Well the answer to both questions is yes… Read more »

Tiny Harris Is Now Owner Of Basketball Team

Tiny Harris is doing her thang.  The Family Hustle lives on in TV land and in real life for Miss Tiny.  In the last week we have heard about a Xscape reunion, The Family Hustle show she stars in with T.I. will have a new season, and now Tiny is part owner of a Basketball… Read more »

T.I. And Tiny’s Baby Will Eat Anything (Video)

You know how babies will put anything in their mouths, and we have to watch them to make sure they don’t eat the wrong thing.  When children are babies they are curious about everything and it is so cute to watch T.I. and Tiny’s little girl Heiress when T.I. is trying to have her taste… Read more »

Vh1 May Pull The Plug On T.I. And Tiny’s Reality Show

Drama, Drama, Drama…I wondered with the divorce possibly in the works if the show would continue with T.I. and Tiny “The Family Hustle,  and now according to it looks like VH1 is looking at pulling the plug on the show.  I know this must be hard on those children whose lives are being ripped… Read more »