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Chris Darden

Chris Darden to Withdraw from Nipsey Hussle Murder Case

Chris Darden To Withdraw From Nipsey Hussle Murder Case Attorney Chris Darden will not represent the man accused of killing Nipsey Hussle. Eric Holder retained Darden’s services after police arrested him for shooting of Hussle on March 31st. Darden filed to withdraw from the case on Friday. Darden said he has received death threats for… Read more »

OJ Simpson

O.J. Simpson Warns Bill Cosby to Watch His Back in Prison

O.J. Simpson warns Bill Cosby to watch his back in Prison.  For a 81 year old man in prison, that is a understatement.  O.J. is saying what a lot of us are thinking and that is rapist are frowned upon in prison.  This is still so unreal to me.  What a shame this whole situation… Read more »

OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson Confessing To Murder?

OJ Simpson confessing to murder?  You will have to look at the video below to see, but this one is calling OJ out saying he did confess to the murders during an interview…Sort of.  Even Chris Darden says OJ admitted to killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Coleman during the interview, The Lost Confession.  Check… Read more »


OJ Simpson Lands $20K Movie Role

Actor-prankster Sacha Baron Cohen paid O.J. Simpson more than $20,000 to appear in his next movie.  What??? The juice is loose and now doing a movie? Sacha — who is known for creating movie characters like Ali G and Borat.   He wore a wig and thick-rimmed glasses to meet OJ Simpson at a Las… Read more »

OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson Visiting The Famous Bunny Ranch?

OJ Simpson visiting the famous bunny ranch?  Well according to Page 6…The Juice Is Loose and one of his first order of business is to get laid.  That I say is understandable, but at the Bunny Ranch?  The same place where Lamar Odom OD’d?  Not sure if this is a violation of his parole, but… Read more »

OJ Simpson

The Juice (OJ Simpson) Is Loose

The Juice (OJ Simpson) is loose.  Yes OJ Simpson was released from a Las Vegas Prison early this morning after serving nine years for kidnaping and armed robbery after a raid on memorabilia dealers in a Las Vegas Hotel Room.  He’s won’t be living in Vegas instead he is moving back to Florida where he has a… Read more »

Cuba Gooding

Cuba Gooding Drunk At Award Event

Uh Oh…I’m starting to worry about Cuba Gooding.  This is not the first time he has shown his behind, being drunk at a high profile event.  I know we all may have a taste or two and some people hold the liquor better than others, but you have to be responsible.  He went on stage cursing, and… Read more »

Why Cuba Gooding Wept On OJ Simpson Set

One thing I know about Cuba Gooding Jr. besides the fact that he is a great actor, but he is a VERY passionate man. So passionate that he was crying uncontrollably after shooting the funeral scene on The People vs. OJ Simpson. Read Here

Is Cuba Gooding’s Partying Hurting His Career?

You gotta love Cuba Gooding on “The People vs. OJ Simpson, but sources are really concerned about his personal life. Since filing for a divorce from his wife Sara in 2014, he has been a wild child, and I hope he gets it under control. Check out what I’m taking about here