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Blue Ivy Reacts to Seeing Parents in Bed at Concert

Blue Ivy reacts to seeing parents in bed at concert.  So Cute.  No matter how rich her parents are or the fact that she has been all around the world, Blue Ivy is still like most of us who squirm seeing our parents in bed together, or getting mushy with each other.  Check out Blue… Read more »


Cute: Beyonce and Solange Slight Fall on Stage at Coachella

Cute: Beyonce and Solange slight fall on stage at Coachella.  Beyonce brought so much to the stage at Coachella and one of those treats was seeing her and her baby sis Solange perform together.  With marching bands, a Destiny’s mini reunion, and Bey and Solange everything was complete.  Even more complete when Beyonce tried to… Read more »

Jay Z

Blue Ivy Bids $19,000 At Auction

Blue Ivy bids $19,000 at auction.  Yep Little Blue Ivy is learning how to bid on quality art.  If fact, even though she bid $19,000 on the piece of art, she lost that particular bid to Tyler Perry who bid $20,000 on the piece but did end up purchasing another piece for $10,000.  Ahh the… Read more »


Jay Z, Beyonce & Mama Tina Do Electric Slide

Jay Z, Beyoncé & Mama Tina do the electric slide.  It looks like a family that slides together stays together.  This is so adorable.  We all know for a fact the one dance you must know at a black family gathering is the electric slide.  Simple moves and sooo much fun to do.  Jay Z,… Read more »

Solange Gets Sweet Birthday Message From Mom Tina

Solange has certainly done some things in her young life.  She just celebrated her birthday turning 31 years old (young) and is already a mother of 13 year old Daniel, a wife and performer who has managed to carve her own niche while being the baby sister of Beyoncé.  You can tell she is a… Read more »