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Tyrese Sued By American Express For Unpaid Bill

Tyrese sued by American Express for unpaid bill.  Uh oh.  Now didn’t we just talk about Tyrese suing for custody of his daughter and how he just bought a 23,000 square foot mansion in Atlanta to raise her in?  Now this…America Express is reportedly suing Tyrese for $61,000 for an unpaid bill.  Hopefully when he… Read more »


Tyrese Files For Primary Custody of Daughter

Tyrese files for primary custody of daughter.  Uh oh.  It’s no secret that Tyrese and his baby mama Norma have been going at it when it comes to raising their daughter Shayla.  Now Tyrese is filing for primary custody of his daughter because he and his current pregnant wife Samantha are moving to Atlanta.  He… Read more »


Watch: Tyrese Shoves Female Fan

Tyrese shoves female fan.  I know that sounds bad but Tyrese had a natural reaction to someone running up on you.  He was performing in Detroit when a female fan charged on stage to get a hug, but instead she got pushed away by Tyrese.  See the footage below. See here

Tyrese Apologizes For Calling Women Sluts

Ok for the record, Tyrese was trying to make a point (I think) when he called women sluts and skeezers.  He was trying to say that sleeping your way to having the glamourous life is not the way to do it and it messes up your self respect, and can put a lot of miles… Read more »

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Insinuates Tyrese Is Gay

Uh oh…Wendy Williams and Tyrese are going at it.  First Tyrese was talking about women in weaves,  and fake booties, and Wendy wasn’t having it telling Tyrese to mind his own business, and of course Tyrese continues to be outspoken and now Wendy made a comment that may come back to haunt her with Tyrese…. Read more »

Tyrese Calls Out Jay Z For Ignoring Race Relations

Tyrese is a man who speaks his mind, and it looks like he is fired up about race relations in America, and thinks rappers and artist with influence need to come together and come up with plan to help black men and change what’s going on in our country.  I second that. Read More Here


Tyrese and Rev. Run’s Show Cancelled By OWN

Tyrese and Rev. Run’s talk show “It’s You It’s Men” has just been cancelled by the OWN Network.  The show featured talks with celebrities, about marriage, sex, and relationships it debuted in January of this year and the ratings weren’t what they had hoped. Read More Here

(Watch) Preview of Tyrese’s New Talk Show

Yay!  Tyrese with a new talk show!  You know he is going to keep it real.  Yay again, because the show is about men! What they think, what to look for in a man, what not to look for….Oh yeah this will be good! Watch a Preview Here

It Was Ginuwine Who Split From TGT

This thing is getting messier by the minute.  TGT is officially broken up for good and first it was Tyrese  who went to social media about it, and then Ginuwine talking about Tyrese’s Diva ways, and now TMZ is reporting that it was Ginuwine who is walking away from the group, and it could cost… Read more »