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STD Claims Against Usher to be Tried in Los Angeles

STD claims against Usher to be tried in Los Angeles.  Wow, just when seem to things quiet down for Usher, they seem to get loud again.  The three plaintiffs in the herpes lawsuit against Usher are going forward with their lawsuits.  All three plaintiffs are suing Usher for sexual battery, fraud, and emotional distress and… Read more »


Usher’s Home Gets Robbed

Usher’s home gets robbed.  Usher’s luck seems to be going from bad to worse.  First he’s hit with the herpes lawsuits, then his wife Grace has file for a divorce, and now reports are surfacing saying his home was robbed with thieves taking $800,000 worth of his goods.  Even the security camera was compromised so… Read more »


Usher’s Wife Grace Has Filed For Divorce

Usher’s wife Grace has filed for divorce.    We knew this was coming.  Usher’s wife Grace Miguel has filed for a divorce.  The two have been separated since March and now Grace has taken the next step in that union.  My take is the Herpes scandal is what put the nail in the coffin, even… Read more »


Who Knew Usher Could Do Yoga?

Who knew Usher could Yoga?  Anyone who has done yoga knows that yoga is hard.  You always feel good afterwards but finding that sense of peace is a little challenging.  I admit I like seeing a man who is comfortable enough in his own skin to do yoga.  Usher is one of those men.  He… Read more »


Usher Accuser Does Not Have Sex Tape As Claimed

Usher accuser does not have sex tape.  This is definitely a roller coaster ride.  First it was all over the internet that Usher’s Herpes accuser Quantasia Sharpton has a sex tape to prove she had sex with Usher.  Now according to Page 6 Quantasia and her attorney Lisa Bloom is saying they DO NOT have… Read more »


Usher Swarmed By Women At Kevin Hart Charity

Usher swarmed by women at Kevin Hart Charity.   Say what you want about Usher, but he will always have a way with women.  I personally do not like the way he has been treated by the press lately with all of the Herpes accusations, even though he may be guilty of cheating on his… Read more »

Usher faces a new herpes lawsuit

Usher Faces A New Herpes Lawsuit

Usher faces a new herpes lawsuit.  Earlier this week the news broke that Usher has herpes. revealed that Usher paid a woman 1.1 million dollars who he had sex with and admitted he passed on the virus to her.  Now another woman has come forward and saying that she too had sex with Usher… Read more »

Usher Cast On Dancing With The Stars

It’s on now…according to Usher has been cast for next season’s “Dancing With The Stars” season 24.  The producers want to keep it a secret but it looks like the cat is out of the bag.  All I know is I will be tuning in to see Usher make his moves.  It seems like… Read more »

Usher Serenaded By President And Michelle Obama

Now this is so adorable.  Another reason why I am going to miss the Obama’s when they leave the White House.  Usher was recently at the White House with POTUS and FLOTUS and they serenaded him for his birthday!!  I sure wish I could have been there to serenade him, because I have a crush on him!!!  It… Read more »