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Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton says her Family Loves her new Man

Tamar Braxton says her family loves her new Man It looks like Tamar Braxton has found love again and wants to share it with the world. Braxton’s boyfriend is Nigerian and is well liked by the Braxton family. He works in finance and according to Tamar leads a simple life. She says she doesn’t want… Read more »


Vince Herbert BANNED From Tamar’s Condo

Vince Herbert BANNED from Tamar’s Condo.  Talk about drama.  These two can’t seem to stay away from it.  According to the website lovebscott Vince went to see Tamar, at her Beverly Hills Condo and  they got into a heated argument, real heated, not sure about what and the next thing you know security was escorting… Read more »


Vince Herbert Ordered To Pay $65K For Car

Vince Herbert ordered to pay $65K for car.  Sometimes the good life comes with a price.  A judge in Florida has ordered Vince to pay $65K for a repossessed Rolls-Royce he leased and failed to make payments on according to TMZ. See here


Vince Denies Tamar’s Love Child Accusations

Vince denies Tamar’s love child accusations.  What is really going on with Tamar and Vince.  You probably heard that Tamar accused Vince of fathering another child, and having a affair with reality star Laura Govan.  Laura and Vince have denied having an affair and Vince told reporters yesterday in Beverly Hills that none of this… Read more »


Tamar Says Vince Had Affair And Much More

Tamar says Vince had affair and much more.  First a very fed up Tamar is saying Vince had a affair with reality TV star Laura Govan.  Then she is saying that Vince got another woman (she called the woman a whore) pregnant.  If any of this is true, there is no chance Vince will ever… Read more »

Tamar Braxton Addresses Haters From Hospital Bed

Say what you will but Tamar Braxton is my girl!  The breakout reality star and singer has never not spoke her mind, and lately people have been all in her business about her marriage with Vince and she’s sick of it.  Show business can be very cruel now that we have social media. Tamar was… Read more »