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The Best Weight Loss Diet Revealed by Reserarch

The Best Weight Loss Diet Revealed by Research As we prepare for the New Year, new weight loss goals comes with that for some of us. A  new study says, the best diet is one high in protein and low in calorie intake. People who ate more protein as part of a calorie-controlled diet lost… Read more »


Mo’Nique Cardi B is Helping Me Dance off the Pounds

Mo’Nique: Cardi B is helping me dance off the pounds. Mo’Nique is looking so good! I don’t know the exact amount weight she has lost but what ever it is it is working. She has been very vocal about her weight loss and I know from experience it is not a easy journey. Below Mo’Nique… Read more »


Mariah Carey Loses Another 20 lbs.

Mariah Carey is working hard to get her infamous body back and it’s paying off. The singer has now lost ANOTHER 20 lbs. and is looking slimmer than she has in years. The 20 lbs. is in addition to the 40 lbs. she had already lost earlier this summer. Although the singer reportedly underwent gastric… Read more »

Kandi Burress

Kandi Burress Daughter Riley Loses 52 lbs.

Kandi Burress daughter Riley loses 52 lbs.  You go girl!  Kandi Burress is so proud of her daughter Riley for losing her 52 lbs. that she went to social media to let the world know, her daughter lost weight the old fashioned way. Exercise and good food choices.  Riley who is a beautiful girl, took… Read more »

Foods That Triple Weight Loss

With tomorrow being the first official day of Spring, now may be a good time to step up on your weight loss program.  I’m always good at the first of the year, and I find about this time of year is when I usually fall off of my New Year’s Resolution plans.  Sometimes the biggest… Read more »