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What?? Tupac Calls Wendy Williams a Fat B—h

What?? Tupac Wendy Williams a Fat B—h.  The original liner notes comes from his 1996 project “The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory.  He has some strong, harsh words for some folks.  He calls Dr. Dre a closet homo, (really…)  Why is this being talked about?  Because The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory is… Read more »


Wendy Williams Says Tamar Shaved Her Head For Attention

Wendy Williams says Tamar shaved her head For Attention.  I admit I was surprised when I saw the pictures of Tamar Braxton with a shaved head.  She did look beautiful but I remember thinking why? and why now?  Some people think it’s connected with her split with Vince, but Wendy Williams seems to think it’s… Read more »


Wendy Williams Health Update

Wendy Williams health update.  Wendy Williams does not have the flu yet but she was feeling flu like and shut her show down to take a few days off to get better.  That was the right thing to do.  Sometimes we work when we know we should go somewhere and sit down.  Especially with how… Read more »

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams Says She’s Sick of #MeToo Movement

Wendy Williams says she’s sick of #Metoo movement. What?? When she made the statement on her show, the audience got real quiet. She also said Black People are not very good at protesting, referring to a grassroots movement to get R Kelly’s concert shows cancelled because of his recent sex allegations.   Sometimes Wendy needs… Read more »

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Wendy Williams Insinuates Tyrese Is Gay

Uh oh…Wendy Williams and Tyrese are going at it.  First Tyrese was talking about women in weaves,  and fake booties, and Wendy wasn’t having it telling Tyrese to mind his own business, and of course Tyrese continues to be outspoken and now Wendy made a comment that may come back to haunt her with Tyrese…. Read more »

Wendy Williams Is Returning To Radio

After a successful run on television, Wendy Williams is hinting a return to where it all got started for her with a return to radio.  Now I’m sure she will still have her television show, but I can see her doing radio again.  As a radio personality myself, its something that gets in your blood… Read more »

Wendy Williams Show Fires Producers

Getting a pink slip ain’t no fun, even if you work for a celebrity like Wendy Williams.  Yes her season ended on a up note ratings  wise and a producer and a couple of staff members got let go because the show wants to take a new direction to spice it up even more. Find… Read more »

Wendy Williams Loses Chevrolet Sponsorship

You really have to watch what you say when you are a public figure, especially now.  What I am talking about is what Wendy Williams said about Jesse Williams during a hot topic segment, and then basically went to say some things about HBCU’s and the NAACP that had twitter all over her behind. It… Read more »

Wendy Williams Dragged Over HBCUs Comments

I was watching when Wendy Williams when she made comments about Jesse Williams and Historically Black Colleges. I remember thinking, is she serious? and the audience got dead silent.  Check out what she said and some of the reactions the clicking below. Click Here


Wendy Williams On 50 LB. Weight Loss

The weight loss struggle is a tough one.   I know for me it is…   So when I hear Wendy Williams lost 50 pounds I want to know how.   She had to give up some things and you can read below to see how she did it. Read Here