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Sherri Shepherd

Sherri Shepherd Says Everyone Warned Her Not to Marry Her Ex

Sherri Shepherd Admits That Everyone From D.L. Hughley to Barbara Walters Warned Her Not to Marry Her Ex Sherri Shepherd revealed that no one was in support of her marriage to her now ex, Lamar Sally. She said Steve Harvey, Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg warned her. Whoopi refused to attend the wedding. Niecy Nash… Read more »


Omarosa To Release New White House Tape On The View

Omarosa to release New White House Tape on The View.  Uh oh, Omarosa is at it again, with another secretly recorded White House Tape, and this time she will be releasing the tape this on Monday, September 10th on The View.  This has not been a good week for the President. Read more here


Whoopi Goldberg Goes Off on Guest on The View

Whoopi Goldberg goes off on guest on The View.  What?? yes she did.  It got heated  when Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro appeared on the show to promote her book “Liars, Leakers and Liberals, The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy.   Let me just say it got so heated back stage when Jeanine got in… Read more »

See Tyler

See Tyler Perry and Taraji P Henson On The View

See Tyler Perry and Taraji P Henson on The View.  Acrimony will hit theaters on Friday, and Tyler Perry and Taraji P Henson were on the View having a blast and talking about to expect in the movie.  All I know from what Tyler Perry said it’s not what we think.  He says it’s not… Read more »


Mo’Nique: Whoopi Goldberg Blames My Husband

Mo’Nique: Whoopi Goldberg blames my husband.  Uh Oh here we go again.  You may have seen by now Mo’Nique’s appearance on The View last week and her and Whoopi going back and forth on the politics of Hollywood and why she was not getting hired for more work.  Now Mo’Nique is saying that Whoopi Goldberg… Read more »


Whoopi Goldberg and Mo’Nique Clash On The View

Whoopi Goldberg and Mo’Nique Clash on The View.  Yep I saw the show yesterday when Mo’Nique who is beefing with Netflix, starting also complaining about her past issue with Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry and Oprah saying she was punished by them when they worked together on Precious, the movie that won Mo’Nique a Academy Award. … Read more »

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg Returns To The View For 10th Season

Whoopi Goldberg returns to The View for 10th season.  She’s known as the glue that holds everything together and she will be there to do it for another season.   I like Whoopi because she keeps it real, and she is very funny and smart.  The other ladies lately seem to come and go but Whoopi… Read more »

Raven-Symone Leaving The View…For Real

I guess the real question is “who cares”….Yes Raven Symone is leaving “The View”.   They seem to fire so many people on that show, it’s hard to keep up.  Rumors are out that Whoopi Goldberg may be leaving the show as well.  One good thing for Raven is she will be back in Los Angeles… Read more »

Ben Carson Gets Roasted On The View (Watch)

I always admired Ben Carson as a surgeon but as a politician, not so much.  As a doctor he is one of the best in his field. Now on The View the other day, Whoopi Goldberg, and Joy Behar read him good about supporting Donald Trump. Watch it here