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Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~ “Intimate”

Uncategorized by Sean Andre

Intimate My lips stroll along sultry soft skin I close my eyes , and see your curves with my kisses, fingers caressing your belly in infante swirls as if polishing the porcelain surface of a statue, You lay entranced beneath my gentle stroking , your tummy stimulating the rest if your senses, breasts yearning for… Read more »

Is Kissing More Intimate Than Sex?

Uncategorized by Sean Andre

So do you think kissing is or can be more intimate than sex?  Some say that kissing is more intimate because of the feelings and emotions tied to it, while others say sex is far more intimate.  Maybe it also depends on how good the kissing or sex is! Your thoughts inside The Quiet Storm… Read more »

Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~

Uncategorized by Sean Andre

Graze your fingers against my skin like a soldier crossing a landmine throw your kisses like grenades into the trenches of my mouth carve bullet holes onto my chest and remind me of where it hurts let your moans sound like gunfire and your breath feel like death i’ll come unarmed if you promise to… Read more »

How Did You Know You Were In Love?

Uncategorized by Sean Andre

So how did you know you were in love?  Was it the first time he took you out to an expensive steakhouse?  Or maybe the first time she rubbed your feet?  Maybe we’ve all been there at one point in our lives and had to differentiate between love and lust.  So how did you know… Read more »