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Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~



Happy memories play in my head
The reality of the days set instead
Fighting back tears that burn my eyes
I look for a friend that I can’t find

Holding my head up I face the day
Wishing my problems soon go away
I hear them laugh and snicker behind
And walk away as tears blur what I see

Wiping my face, I put on my mask
To hide my heart ache so nobody asks,
My face hides to portray my lies,
I pretend to be happy as my soul dies,

In the solitude I finally breathe
And drift back to that place in my dreams,
My soul becomes free, my heart not battered
My life not destroyed, my confidence not shattered

Alone in my world my happiness strives
I let go all fear for I feel alive
I will savor the peace and tranquility
Until I’m awoken to face my reality

By Terryian N. Whitman

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