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Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~


Rekindled Love
Although I met you long ago it seems like we just met. I remember it like it was yesterday. It’s a day I’ll never forget. And now you’re here back in my life and feels just like a dream, Because the one thing I always remembered about you were your eyes, They still have that gleam. So now it seems like time stood still so we could meet again. And now this feels just like the beginning of a love that will not end. So I often wonder about this feeling of love that I felt for you And I often crave for that beautiful feeling of your love that feels so true. But there are days when reality hits and I realize that you’re not mine, And that maybe the love you had for me has suddenly run out of time, Because some days there’s not enough time it seems,For us to laugh and joke and share our dreams, And there’s not enough time for us to be just a man and a woman Just you just me. And there’s not enough time for us to kiss Or for me to tell you things like this. So if I could I’d find a way To stop all the clocks on earth today, And then maybe even that won’t do Because I need an eternity for loving you, But if I could love you just for today. I think maybe even I would be ok And then when you kiss me I’ll know it’s right, Because our rekindled love will last all night! cRMendoza

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