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Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~


Here Without You!
© David L Yearwood
You are out there, I’m here without you,
I know, you’ve seen me, time and time again.
I guess you don’t know I’m the one for you,
Come to my garden, relax, smell the roses.

Darling, I’ve been waiting for you,
Dreaming that our paths, would come together.
look, open your heart and soul.
I’m the one, right here for you.

So true, so clear, I’ve finally found you.
my love is true and pure, just for you.
Open the door to your heart,
let me in, I’ve been waiting for you.

My dream has come true,
My peace is within.
My endless love is for you,
My love, I will say, I’ve come to get you!


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