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Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~ “There You Go”


Now I’m having a very hard time believing that this song is 25 years old! “There U Go” from Johnny Gill is such a sexy seductive song and just oozes satisfaction! You might remember hearing this song on the Eddie Murphy “Boomerang” soundtrack back in the day.  That was such an amazing soundtrack featuring not only Johnny Gill, but also Toni Braxton, Levert, Color Me Badd and many more amazing artists and musicians!

Johnny Gill’s seductive voice along with the sexy seductive overtones of this movie was a match made in heaven! This is by far my all time favorite Eddie Murphy movie with Harlem Nights a close second.

Any way “There U go” from Johnny Gill is our Quiet Storm “Slow Jam Of The night.”

Enjoy this live performance from back in the day!



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