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Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~ “Forever My Lady”


Jodeci is one of my all time favorite R&B singing groups! I don’t think they’ve ever recorded a song I did not like.  I can remember in the early to mid 1990’s listening to their songs at Midwestern State University while staying up late studying for exams!  Hmmm so maybe that’s the reason I was a B- student…Anyway their music got me thru many late nights!

I can recall having many conversations with my good friend Al B. Sure about Jodeci’s supreme talent.  Al wrote and produced many of their songs back in the day including “You And I,” a Jodeci classic.

After moving to Los Angeles, I remember being invited down to Al’s studio to hear him produce a song with a musician.  I had no idea who was going to be there and all of a sudden in walks KCi Hailey, lead singer of Jodeci!  Al B. was producing a song for KCi’s solo project called “Much Too Soon.”  Well let me tell you…Hearing KCi’s voice in a recording studio was something spectacular! I have never heard a voice quite like his before!  I will never forget that night!

Enjoy going back down memory lane with “Forever My Lay,” our Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of the Night!

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