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Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~”They Don’t Know”


Now when you talk about SMOOTH when it comes to R&B music, it’s hard to leave this smooth cat out of the equation!  Jon B is known for his smooth, sultry style.  Over the years he has been compared to smooth R&B artists, like Brian McKnight, Maxwell and of course the legendary Babyface, one of the first artists to really put him on the map.

Ofcourse Jon B., being Caucasian, would catch a lot of heat for singing R&B music, but when they found out he was the real deal and discovered he had a true passion for the genre, his doubters soon fell off.

Throughout the 1990’s Jon had hit after hit with “Someone To Love” featuring Babyface, “Pretty Girl, and our Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night, “They Don’t Know.” I’ve seen Jon in concert a few times and he never disappoints.

So let’s hop in our Quiet Storm time machine and take a trip back to 1998!



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