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Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~ “U Send Me Swingin'”

In my opinion Mint Condition is one of the smoothest groups out there and have been for the last two and a half decades!  Their sound really can’t be compared to any other group out and they continue to reinvent themselves musically.  Although the lead singer Stokley is experiencing great solo success, what they’ve accomplished… Read more »

Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~ “New Love”

A New love, young love, Fresh and in bud, Exciting, Heart racingly so, Though uncertain, exciting still A Breathless love Full of longing Eagerness to be together Reluctance to part. Hand touching hand, Pulse raising Heart full of love, Head full of doubt Do they feel as I? Am I just a fool? Will our… Read more »

Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~ “Sunshine”

Well after all it’s a “Throwback Thursday” so I thought I would take you back in the day with our Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night!  Alexander O’neal would make hearts melt and light souls on fire with his sultry voice.  Women all over the world would absolutely lose their minds over this guy. … Read more »

Biggest Relationship Regret?

So maybe we all have one or just maybe we don’t!  Maybe you were in a relationship too long and you knew it was over but chose to stay in it anyway.  Maybe you thought you could change the person but come to find out you really couldn’t.  So what is your biggest relationship regret?… Read more »

Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~ “Baby Come To Me”

The legendary Regina Belle is one of my all time favorite Quiet Storm artists!  She has such a unique voice and sound and continues to melt our hearts with her amazing sultry voice.  Regina is known for her heartfelt love songs but also continues to wow us with her gospel songs.  She not only sings… Read more »

Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~ “Listen To Me Baby”

    Please listen to me baby, You are my own sweet lady, With you I’m meant to be And tomorrow we will see Blue skies everywhere. A hotel stands in waiting Rose gardens near the sea Two hearts anticipating A romance of ecstasy. So hush your painful crying, Very soon we will be flying… Read more »

Would You Get A Tattoo Of Your Boo?

Well just maybe you already have one, but if you don’t, would you ever consider getting a tattoo of your boo?  If so, what happens if things don’t work out?  How would you really feel about having someone’s name on you? Comment inside The Quiet Storm at 833.999.1057 or Facebook!