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What’s The Difference Between Texting AND Sexting?

So just maybe there’s a fine line…or maybe not lol!  Do you know the difference between texting and sexting?  Some may say if you’re simply sending  a text message without any sexual innuendo, it is simply a text.  Others may say if you’re sending a message including partially nude or all nude photos describing what… Read more »

Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~ “Whip Appeal”

Ain’t nothing like a little Babyface inside The Quiet Storm!  He’s done it all from writing hit songs, producing hit songs and ofcourse sell out concerts all over the world.  Babyface continues to conquer the world of music and if you’ve never seen him live, well you have an opportunity very soon.  Babyface is coming… Read more »

Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~ “Every Sunset”

  Meeting you was pure destiny, You and I were ment to be. Maybe not now but someday soon, We’ll meet not under the sun but beneath the moon. We’ll watch the stars ’till they fade away, but we won’t fade together we’ll always stay. This is the day I’m waiting for, from that day… Read more »

Are Break-Ups Harder For Men Or Women?

This has been an interesting discussion thus far.  Do men or women handle a break up harder?  Some might say women handle break ups harder because they’re more emotional while some would say men take it harder because we are never in touch with our emotions.  So what do you say? Comment tonight inside The… Read more »

Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~ “Always In My Heart”

Wow!  What talent we have that came straight from the Metroplex!  Erykah Badu, Jamie Foxx, and ofcourse Tevin Campbell!  I remember going to see a young Tevin Campbell at Reunion Arena back in the day when no one really knew who he was.  He came out and performed a duet with Karen White called “Love… Read more »

What Would Your Ex Say IsThe Reason Y’all Broke Up?

Maybe you’ve been in this situation before.  You break up with someone and your family and friends come to you and ask you what happened.  Well you may say one thing and they may say something completely different!  So who’s right and who’s wrong?  Even years later the two stories still may not match up!… Read more »