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Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~ “ALL OVER AGAIN”

Last night I fell in love with you All over again, More deeply in love, Than ever before. No one has ever expressed their love for me With such beautiful and kind words. Last night I fell in love with you All over again, With such stronger faith Than ever before. Knowing that you will… Read more »

Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~ “Silent Talk”

  I can hear your whisper, upon the breeze, and see your smile, in the sun. I touch your kisses, by the dew, as the meadow lark, sings his song. I can smell your fragrance, upon pedaled stems, and the color abundance, shows your joy. I feel your tears, when it rains, soft, salty, and… Read more »

Love Vs. Lust

So do you know the difference?  Well, do you think you may know the difference between Love and lust?  You might be in a situation now where you are trying to decide which one you’re actually experiencing.  Love or lust? Comment tonight inside The Quiet Storm at 833.999.1057 Or Facebook Live!  

Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~ “Closer Than Friends”

In my opinion this is one of the smoothest slow jams EVER recorded!  This song epitomizes smooth R&B.  I love it when we can go back in the day on a “Throwback” Thursday night.  I’ve been a big fan of Surface from way back in the 1980’s.  This group definitely had it goin’ on with… Read more »

Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~ “Don’t Come Easy”

Well the love king of R&B is back!  actually he never went anywhere.  Raheem DeVaughn has proven that he’s here to stay!  He continues to churn out that smooth R&B for all to enjoy.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Raheem in concert on several different occasions as well as witness his great charity work. … Read more »

Have You Ever Called Out The Wrong Name During Sex?

So has this ever happened to you?  Have you ever called out the wrong name during sex?  I was on Facebook Live a bit earlier and was surprised to find out that this has actually happened to more people than I thought!  So what does one do if this happens? Check out this video!  

Do You Like To Control OR Be Controlled?

So which do you prefer behind closed doors?  Do you like to control or be controlled?  Many will say that women like to be controlled in the bedroom while others may say something completely different! Check out the video below and feel free to give your thoughts inside The Quiet Storm tonight!