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Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~ “Quality Time”

It’s hard to believe that we lost the great Tony Thompson, former lead singer of Hi-Five eleven years ago!  Tony was truly the heart and soul of this group out of Waco Texas.  They had so many hits including “I Can’t Wait Another Minute” and of course “The Kissing Game.” Hopefully you didn’t forget about… Read more »

Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~ “The Hill Of Love”

  I dream of the hill that we shared I only then realised how much you cared, your smiling face your warm embrace mean the world to me. The touch of your hand upon my face, your true love is full of grace. You touched my inner most feelings, like you did from the begining…. Read more »

Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~ “THE PENCIL”

  The pencil on the table Your face is in my mind The way youre looking to me Gave birth to the dead inside Yet the pencil is silent There is only the will To draw the curves of your face To feel your skin. I saw you in my dreams. It was so clear… Read more »

What’s Your Favorite Body Part?

So are you a butt man or a breast man?  Are you a chest woman or a back woman?  What’s your favorite body part of the opposite sex? Comment tonight inside The Quiet Storm at 833.999.1057 or Facebook Live!

Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~ “Love”

Well this is the one that put her on the map!  I even get chills when I hear this song.  Keyshia has such a loyal fan base and whenever and wherever she performs, her fans will be there!  I remember seeing her perform a few years ago here in Dallas at The House Of Blues… Read more »

Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~ “True Love Awaits You”

  Eyes that are crystal clear, one thinks he could see forever. But within you lies uncertainty and confusion, like boulders in a raging river. The swift current, the choppy waters, this makes for a rough and tumble ride. Be brave, be true to yourself, with me there is nothing to hide. Conquer the rapids,… Read more »

What Type Of Ex Are You?

So what type of ex are you?  Have you ever thought about that?  Are you the type of ex that is spiteful, hateful, mean and has malice in your heart for your ex?  Or are you the type that no matter what has transpired in your relationship, you still wish them the very best in… Read more »

Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~ “Sensitivity”

Well I guess you could say this was my theme song from back in the day!  Yes I would tell a sexy young lady you need a man with sensitivity, a man like me!  I think it went over well lol!  Ofcourse we all know Ralph Tresvant as the lead singer of New Edition but… Read more »

Dating In A Dysfunctional Family ~

Have you ever dated someone who came from a dysfunctional family?  Did you feel like you were not only dating one person but a whole entire family?  How much og an affect did it have on your relationship? Comment tonight inside The Quiet Storm at 833.999.1057 or FB live!