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Is It Healthy To Argue?

Uncategorized by Sean Andre

So is it healthy to argue?  Some might say it’s very healthy to argue, because it shows that you really truly care for the other person.  Others might say that it’s very unhealthy to argue because not being on the same page is a red flag for the relationship.  Maybe there are multiple factors that… Read more »

Can You Be Friends With The Opposite Sex?

Uncategorized by Sean Andre

So can you be friends with the opposite sex?  This is a question that I’m sure has been debated since the beginning of time!  Some say there is absolutely no way that two people from the opposite sex can have a plutonic relationship because there’s always an attraction between a man and a woman.  Others… Read more »

Have You EVER Been Caught In The Act?

Uncategorized by Sean Andre

So have you ever been caught in the act?  I bet you know what act I’m talking about lol.  Yes that act!  Has anyone ever walked in on you right in the middle of doing the do?  Was it your parents, ex or significant other?  Were you so loud the neighbors started complaining? Comment tonight… Read more »