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Houston Astros Win The World Series!!!

What an amazing accomplishment for Houston, Texas! The Astros win the World Series after one of the greatest series in MLB history! Congratulations Astros! You’ve made Houston and the state of Texas extremely proud!!!

Shooting At Parks Mall In Arlington!

I used to frequent this mall back in the day and I’ve noticed over the years it has gotten extremely busy! Well there was a shooting Wednesday night around 6:40p near The Parks Mall food court! Click on pic to check out this disturbing story out of Arlington!

“The Donald” In Ft. Worth!

Well I could be talking about Donald Duck, but I’m quite sure you know I mean Donald Trump! Yes “The Donald” graced my hometown of Ft. Worth with his presence, raising over one million bucks! Click pic or hair to check out story!

You Are What You EAT Right Before You SLEEP!

Thought this was a very interesting story! Afetr I get home late from hosting The Quiet Storm every night, I’ve been known to have a glass of wine or to to relax and unwind before bed…but that may not be a good idea…click pic to check out this story!

Another Gold For Simone AND Silver For Aly!

What an Olympic games for little Simone Biles! She wrapped it up with her fourth gold medal in the floor exercise! Biles is in amazing company because she joins Ecaterina Szabo, Vera Caslavska and Larisa Latynina as the only gymnasts to win four gold medals in one Games. U.S. teammate Aly Raisman won her third… Read more »

Man Impersonates Cop To Rob In Mansfield!

As if cops aren’t having to deal with enough nowadays, now they have to worry about people pretending to be them! Click pic to check out disturbing story courtesy of Fox 4!

Hillary Clinton Accepts Nomination!

Wrapping up the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton accepted the party’s nomination for President! Click pic to check out some of Clinton’s acceptance speech!