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Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~

I don’t need paradise because I found you. I don’t need dreams because I already have you. Sometimes we argue, I don’t know why. Then I sit and wonder, why do I cry? I cry because I love you, I cry because I care, I cry because I feel we have a love so rare,… Read more »

Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~ “A Natural Woman”

Thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Aretha Franklin’s loved ones and family while she continues to fight for her life!  Her musical legacy speaks for itself and all of the boundaries she broke over her many years of performing!  There is only ONE “Queen Of Soul” and will never be another! Let’s go… Read more »

What’s Your Most Embarrassing Moment?

So maybe you had your credit card declined on a date or maybe your car broke down on you when going to a fancy restaurant.  Did you ever leave your wallet home by accident?  What is your most embarrassing moment on a date? Comment tonight inside The Quiet Storm or Facebook!  

Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~ “Greatest Love Of All”

There are songs then there are classics!  This one is a classic from Whitney.  This song has so much meaning and purpose, it’s almost like you can feel every single note and every single word in this song.  It seems that most of Whitney’s catalogue includes songs with so much substance and meaning, one wonders… Read more »

Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~ “BELIEVE IN YOUR HEART”

  Believe in your heart that something wonderful is about to happen. Love your life. Believe in your own powers, and your own potential, and in your own innate goodness. Wake every morning with the awe of just being alive. Discover each day the magnificent, awesome beauty in the world. Explore and embrace life in… Read more »

Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~ “Rain”

  Rain fell last night…quiet, gentle rain, that tapped against my window pane, and called me back from troubled sleep, to soothe a heart too numb to weep. My loneliness was too deep and real, and like a wound that would not heal, it throbbed within me, and I knew my arms were empty without… Read more »

Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~ “Focus”

Gabriella Wilson also known as H.E.R. is really blowin’ up the R&B scene at the ripe old age of 21!  H.E.R. actually stands for having everything revealed!  Well she is truly revealing to the world that she can blow and is here to stay!  I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see… Read more »

Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~ “WHY I LOVE YOU”

  The perfect girl used to be only in dreams it seems, but when I first saw you, it changed everything. I knew right off that you were the one, I hoped we would be together, I knew we’d have fun! Whenever we hug, I get chills up my spine, I think about you nonstop;… Read more »