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Wendy Williams Makes Tearful Return To TV!


Wendy Williams made her return to TV yesterday after a three-week break from her talk show to deal with her health issues.

“It’s really good to be back, nice to be missed,” she said as she kicked off the show. “I had a very productive three weeks off. I know society is so fickle these days. You love something one day and you forget about it the next and you replace it with something else. So thank you for not replacing us.”

Williams also addressed her health crisis which resulted in a diagnosis of Graves disease.

“I have been having bats swimming in my head since maybe July” she said. “Didn’t tell anybody because I figured well, it’s menopause…I have more important things to do. I have to miss this doctor’s appointment because there’s more important things to do…We put so many things ahead of ourselves and our health it’s ridiculous. So I want to thank my husband because I heard him talking to Dr. Oz on the phone. He got Dr. Oz on the phone! Dr. Oz is all up in the Hunter home! All involved. So Kevin, thank you for calling Dr. Oz and thank you so much for ushering me through wellness. Kevin, thank you so much. And also, thank you to the boy as well.”

Wendy also used her first day back to encourage her viewers to take care of themselves.

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