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Sherri Shepherd’s Ex Claps Back After She Drags Him On TV!


Sherri Shepherd‘s ex-husband has had enough of her claims that he’s a no good man. Lamar Sally is clapping back and the former View co-host after she appeared on the D.L. Hughley TV show and claimed that she only married him for sex and that many of her celebrity friends told her that he was no good.

“Everybody said that. Steve Harvey said it, Barbara Walters said it, Whoopi [Goldberg] wouldn’t come to my wedding,” she said. “Everybody tried to tell me.”
Sally released a statement in response to Shepherd’s claims:

“Over the last five years I have endured you going on numerous talk shows lying about my character,” he said. “You’ve trolled me on social media and dating websites, you’ve stopped me from getting television writing jobs, you use me and LJ in your comedy act where you tell people where we live and what kind of car I drive. I’ve forgiven you because I know of the trauma you suffered in your childhood but enough is enough.”

“I will not have you lie that the only reason you married me and brought our son into the world was because you were lonely or horny,” he continued. “We had a good marriage and our son was conceived out of love from both parents. Now subsequently you’ve chosen to abandon him but that’s between you and your God. One day soon he’s going to be able to surf the internet and see all the things you’ve said. Please don’t traumatize him anymore than what you’ve already done. Go back to therapy and work on the real issues that is plaguing you and leave us alone… and stop being so bitter. I’m praying for you.”

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