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Kelly Rowland Shoots Down Another Destiny’s Child Reunion!

Fans hoping for a reunion of Destiny’s Child will have to keep waiting, DC member Kelly Rowland says that the ladies are just to busy right now to make it happen. “We haven’t talked about it, and I’m finishing up a record and excited about it,” Rowland said to US Weekly. “And Michelle [Williams] is… Read more »

The Lion King With Beyonce Gets Release Date!

The new live action remake of The Lion King has finally received a release date! The star-studded film which will feature Beyonce, Donald Glover, James Earl Jones, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Alfre Woodard will hit theaters July 19, 2019. The new version of The Lion King is expected to stick pretty close to the original including… Read more »

Did Beyonce Salutes Mary J. Blige During OTRII?!!

Queen Bey saluted the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul and fans are loving it! It all happened earlier this week during the On The Run II tour when Beyonce did Mary J. Blige’s signature dance step that was luckily caught on video by a fan! The routine was so similar, in fact, that one Twitter user… Read more »

Beyonce & Jay-Z Kick Off On The Run II Tour!!

Beyonce & Jay-Z are on the run again, and this time it’s better than ever, the husband and wife team kicked off their On The Run II tour last night in Cardiff, Wales. “Thank you guys for sharing this beautiful night with us,” said Beyonce. “It feels so good to be on stage with the… Read more »

Who Bit Beyonce?!!

The most asked question and biggest mystery of the week is undoubtedly “Who Bit Beyonce?!!” It all started with a story from Tiffany Haddish about a “mystery” celebrity who allegedly bit Queen Bey on the cheek at a party. No one knows if it’s true or not, but social media and now other celebrities are… Read more »

Tyler Perry Dishes On Bidding War With Blue Ivy!

Little Blue Ivy Carter made news over the weekend after bidding $19,000 for a painting at a charity art auction, but the daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z actually lost the ‘bidding war’ to Tyler Perry who described the hilarious encounter during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Beyonce & Jay-Z Reveal Inspiration For OTR II Poster!

Beyonce & hubby Jay-Z announced plans for their On the Run II tour this week and now they’ve revealed the inspiration for the tour poster. #OTRII tour poster references "Touki Bouki," a 1973 Senegalese film about two lovers who steal money and clothing, then book passage to Paris to start new lives. It's considered an… Read more »