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Exclusive: New Preview For Toni Braxton Movie!

We are weeks away from the premiere of “Unbreak My Heart”, the movie based on Toni Braxton’s book of the same name and Lifetime has released another preview…and it looks good!   “Unbreak My Heart” which is produced by Braxton and will detail her career as well as her financial issues, divorce, and her son’s… Read more »

First Look: Lifetime’s Trailer For Toni Braxton Movie!

Lifetime has released the trailer for Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart” movie, and it dosen’t look bad. Unlike a lot of other Lifetime biopics, Braxton is actually involved in hers as the executive producer. Lex Scott Davis will star as Toni Braxton in the movie that will chronicle the good and the bad including her… Read more »

First Look: Toni Braxton’s Lifetime Movie!

Toni Braxton’s life is now officially a Lifetime movie! “Unbreak My Heart” is based on Braxton’s book of the same name and will detail her career as well as her financial issues, divorce, and son’s struggle with autism. It was previously reported that Braxton would play herself in the movie, but Lex Scott Davis will… Read more »

Full Cast Unveiled For Toni Braxton ‘Lifetime’ Movie!

Toni Braxton’s life will soon be a ‘Lifetime’ movie and now we know who will star in it. ‘Lifetime’ has unveiled the full cast from the upcoming movie and the biggest surprise is that Toni Braxton is not in it! Although she is the executive producer of “Un-Break My Heart”, Braxton will not star as… Read more »

Look Who’s Playing Tamar in Toni Braxton’s “Lifetime” Movie!

Toni Braxton recently announced that she will be playing herself in her life story “Un-Break My Heart” that will air on Lifetime, but who’s playing Tamar?? Tiffany Hines who stars in the ABC Family series “Stitchers” has been cast in the movie and will reportedly play the role of Tamar Braxton! “Yay! So excited to… Read more »

Toni Braxton’s Life Becomes A ‘Lifetime’ movie!

Toni Braxton is the latest star to become a Lifetime movie! “Un-Break My Heart” will tell the story of Braxton’s life including her battle with lupus, her divorce, her son’s autism, and her financial issues. Unlike some of the other ‘celebrity life story movies’, Braxton is in full control of her story as she is… Read more »