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Barack Obama’s 7 Excuses People Have For Not Voting!

Barack Obama has had it with excuses for not voting! With the upcoming mid-term election just weeks away, the former President has compiled the top seven excuses that people have for not voting! Election Day is November 6th!  

Michelle Obama Launches “When We All Vote” Initiative

Michelle Obama is stepping back into the spotlight to launch the “When We All Vote” initiative to encourage all citizens to vote. The former First Lady will be joined by some of her celebrity friends to help get the word out, and she’s produced a video to explain the initiative. To learn more about the… Read more »

Donald Trump Elected President Of The United States!

In a major upset, Donald Trump defeated Secretary Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States. It is a win that has shocked the entire country as Clinton had appeared to have better poll numbers and looked like she would coast easily to victory, but in the end it wasn’t so. Trump… Read more »