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Tyrese Goes In On Donald Trump!


Tyrese isn’t holding back when it comes to Presidential hopeful Donald Trump and his desire to keep Muslims out of the United States.

“I am angered, offended and bothered by Donald Trump and his statements and anyone who is in support of them, so we are going to show up when it counts the most – when it’s time to vote” Gibson said during a recent trip to Abu Dhabi. “Literally some of the nicest people I’ve met in my life happen to be Muslim, Arab, Emirati, and I spend a lot of time here.”

The “Shame” singer also said that Trump’s views are not all of America’s views.

“We are not into dividing, we are not into being mean, or racist practices and bigotry” he said. “This, in my opinion, is the most narcissistic, egotistical and antic driven presidential campaign we have ever witnessed. I think it would be awful for anyone to assume that because of the acts of a certain few that they should generalise and overreach, and say bad things about an entire community.”

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