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Uh Oh! Lalah Hathaway Has Ticked Off The Alphas!!


Lalah Hathaway has made some incredible music in her 20 plus year career, but one group is not singing her tune!

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated is not too happy about a picture that Hathaway posted to her Instagram page.

The “Angel” singer posted a selfie wearing a cap with the Alpha Phi Alpha logo with a caption that read “#daughterofAlpha #daughterofsoul” in honor of her late father, legendary singer Donny Hathaway, who pledged the fraternity in the ’60s.

Hathaway received immediate backlash from members of the fraternity accusing her of crossing the line by wearing the paraphernalia, there were some who came to her defense and accused the frat of being “petty.”

There has been no comment from Hathaway.

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