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“Roots” Producer Responds To Snoop Dogg!


“Roots” producer Will Packer has responded Snoop Dogg’s profanity laced request of a boycott of the miniseries.

“I think that while I certainly don’t judge Snoop at all because I’m very flawed myself, I just think the irony of having him saying and using the n-word, saying, ‘A real n-word like me wouldn’t watch this,'” Packer said. “I couldn’t help but think there’s a ghost of some horrendous slave owner that is smiling and smirking as he watches this black man say that and call himself that … I think that slave owner probably said, ‘Preach. I agree.’”

Apparently not everyone agrees with Snoop, “Roots” was the most watched scripted miniseries premiere in three years with a total of 5.3 million people tuning in.

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