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Shonda Rhimes Reveals Making The Hillary Clinton Video!


Even though her hit shows were not on the air last night, Shonda Rhimes was still a part of the Thursday night TV lineup! The video that aired just prior to Hillary Clinton’s speech was produced by Rhimes and she says that it was her job to introduce the real Hillary Clinton to America.

“I wanted everyone who sees it to feel like they were sitting with a friend, drinking coffee, so that had to be authentic,” Rhimes explained. “It was a mini-series when we first started. It could have been three hours.

The creator of Shondaland also said that the main challenge was having the bring to life the story of a real person.

“As a writer who builds characters for a living, it was exciting to take an actual human being and pieces of who she is and see how it builds a person and her character, why she is who she is,” Rhimes shared. “And the best part? I didn’t have to add a plot twist!”

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