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Is Pregnant Janet Jackson Posing Nude?!!


Janet Jackson has reportedly received major offers from several magazines to do a nude photo-shoot showing off her ‘baby bump!’ Jackson who at 50 years old is expecting her first child later this year has been been accused by some of not really being pregnant since there have been no pictures of her as a pregnant woman.

“Janet has been inundated with magazine offers to pose naked with her baby bump,” a source revealed to EXCLUSIVELY. “There are a lot of doubters out there that don’t believe she’s physically pregnant, and could be using a surrogate, so she’s been asked by multiple outlets to prove everyone wrong. Serious money has been put on the table, with 6-figure sums being mentioned, and it’s been left in her court, if she wants to do it,” our insider continued. And while posing nude is definitely daunting, Janet is no newbie when it comes to flaunting her birthday suit. “She famously posed nude on a Rolling Stone cover in 1993, so she wouldn’t be against doing a tasteful, nude shoot. But she has her reservations about exposing her pregnancy.”

There has been no response from Jackson.

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