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“Surviving Compton” A Huge Ratings Hit!


Not only did “Surviving Compton” get great reviews, but it also got great ratings! The story of Michel’le’s drama filled relationship with Dr. Dre drew in a average of 2.3 million viewers, which means it was a major hit for Lifetime!

Michel’le said that she was motivated to tell her story after it was left out of “Straight Outta Compton.”

“When Dr. Dre told his story in Straight Outta Compton, I think by him not including me, my absence was noticed and people started their own campaign about ‘why wasn’t she in the film?’’ she said. “So it kind of manifested itself. I was approached with the opportunity and I took it. Really what the movie is about and why I think it was good to tell is, I could have given you guys a movie about a good girl, sugarcoated it and said that’s my story. I chose to tell you guys what I really went through because I thought it was a better message in that.”

She added, “Abuse is not love. I’m shocked that more women are saying “why now” than men. Like, why not?! Are we going to bury this like we bury AIDS, cancer and molestation? We need to stop bury things and talk about it because if I had heard this story when I was 15, I would have said ‘oh no, I’m going to be more cautious of that.’ But everybody wants to be the hero in their story, so it’s hard.”

“Surviving Compton” is re-airing on Lifetime.

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