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Deborah Cox Takes On Whitney Houston Role!


Deborah Cox is bringing Whitney Houston’s iconic role back to life! Cox will be playing ‘Rachel Marron’ in the national stage production tour of “The Bodyguard!”

“For me, it’s about bringing this to a whole new generation,” Cox said to ET. “There are so many people that don’t know of the movie and the music and her songs and that kind of thing, so this is an opportunity to do that.”

Cox shares a history with Houston, as the two were label mates at Arista Records and even performed together and unlike the Lifetime movie based on Houston’s life, Cox has the blessing of the Houston family for this role.

“I do have a history with some of the family members, and thankfully with my involvement, I do have their blessing,” she says.

“The Bodyguard” launches it’s national tour on November 25th in Houston’s home-state of New Jersey and will be part of the 2017 Dallas Summer Musicals July 18th-30th at the Music Hall at Fair Park!

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