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Bryshere Gray Subject Of New Book…By His Mother!


“Empire” star Bryshere Gray is the subject of a new tell all book…by his mother! But don’t look for any drama, “Before Empire: Raising Bryshere “Yazz The Greatest” Gray” by Andria Mayberry tells the story of a single mother who struggled…but still kept it all together.

“I worked two jobs. I came from the projects and bought a home to provide a better life for my kids,” she reveals. “When you live in the projects, you don’t have light and gas bills. I lived off credit cards most of the time just so I could buy food. There were times when I couldn’t pay the mortgage. I had so many credit cards that you couldn’t even count. All of this was new for me.”

Mayberry also reveals that Gray suffered from ADHD, and she has advice for parents with children who deal with the same issue.

“I had a lot of parents who would ask how did I manage his ADHD. I will speak more about it. It’s all about education. It’s the only way you are going to be able to help your child. You can’t show up meetings in blind” she reveals. “You need to know your rights and your child’s rights. When they are diagnosed, they are covered under the law. They can’t suspend your child [at school] for behavior that’s a manifestation of their disorder. They can’t control their behavior. That’s why they become aggressive because they feel like no one is listening to them. I know that difference between disrespectful and their disorder. The kids are not always wrong. I too had to learn it. I had to educate myself on the medication”

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