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Jamie Foxx Reveals What He Stole From Steve Harvey!


Jamie Foxx made his debut as a game show host this week on Beat Shazam, but the Oscar winning actor says that while it may seem fun and easy to host a game show, it’s actually very hard work.

“There’s certain regulations you have, Standards and Practices, you can’t mislead the audience” he said to Entertainment Weekly. “So I had all this sh– I had to learn. I was on the set of Robin Hood with this huge book and someone was like “Oh, are those your lines from the movie?” No, these are my game show lines. It was crazy.”

Foxx says that he also studied other game show hosts to help him develop his own style.

“I know Richard Dawson from back in the day, the original Family Feud host. There’s also Steve Harvey, who does an awesome job by adding his personal touch to Family Feud” Foxx said. “So I definitely stole tips from them, and then I do my own thing. It was merging those great game show hosts and at the same time taking advantage of what I do — jokes, fun, impersonations, having people like Snoop and Mariah Carey drop by, that kind of thing.”

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