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Urkel Says ‘Family Matters’ Reboot Not Happening!


Fans of the classic TV show ‘Family Matters’ were very excited last week when Entertainment Weekly published photos of the cast in a ‘family reunion’ photo shoot, which immediately started rumors of a show reboot, but Jaleel White who played ‘Urkel’ on the show says it’s not happening.

“Reunions of any kind can be tricky affairs mainly due to scheduling. Several members of the ‘Family Matters’ cast no longer reside in the state of California and they traveled quite a ways to share this one special day” he said. “No one was paid for our Entertainment Weekly gathering. It was done for YOU, the fans & to satisfy our own need to come together as a family. And to set the record straight, no one from Netflix has ever contacted any of us to express an interest in doing a reboot. No hard feelings at all but that’s the God’s honest truth and life moves on with more blessings to come.”

Click HERE to see the ‘Family Matters’ family reunion.

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