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Was Janet Jackson A Victim Of Domestic Violence? [VIDEO]

Janet Jackson has a lot of her fans wondering if domestic violence was the reason for her divorce after the singer broke down crying during her State of the World concert Saturday night in Houston. It all happened after Jackson finished singing the song ‘What About’ which includes lyrics about an abusive relationship. The performance… Read more »

Fan Grabs R. Kelly’s ‘Junk’ during Christmas Concert!

An R. Kelly fan got a handful during this “12 Nights of Christmas” concert in Detroit! Kells was singing to the lady who apparently got a little too excited and did what some women have only dreamed of doing! While Kelly was a little surprised by the ‘attention’, he didn’t disapprove!  

WOW! Lauryn Hill performs a concert on her couch!

Lauryn Hill knows how to make an apology! L-Boogie was forced to cancel a concert in Nigeria due to travel constraints, but in a video she promised to make it up, but then went one step further with a incredible performance of her song “Boo Wop (That Thing)”…from her couch!   A message to Nigeria… Read more »