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Did Adele Come To YOUR House On Halloween?!!

If someone came to your house on Halloween night dressed as Jim Carrey’s character “The Mask”, that may have been Adele! The “Hello” singer is in town for her “An Evening with Adele” tour but apparently spent her Monday night trick-or-treating in a Dallas neighborhood dressed as “The Mask”, she posted a pic of herself… Read more »

Steve Harvey’s Ultimate “Coming To America” Tribute!

Steve Harvey has the ultimate Halloween party today! The Smooth R&B 105.7 morning dude pays tribute to his all-time favorite movie “Coming To America” with guests Vanessa Bell Calloway and Sherri Headley flawlessly recreating their roles as Imani Izzi (the barking lady) and Lisa McDowell! Harvey dresses as King Jaffe Joffer who was played in… Read more »