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Kanye West Believes Lebron Shouldn’t Have Left Cleveland


Kanye West celebrated his 41st birthday in style

The last time Kanye visited TMZ Live he shared his very disturbing opinion that he believes “Slavery was a choice.” Just yesterday, Kanye stopped by the TMZ offices once again and dropped off more Ye opinions that people may or may not agree with.

During a conversation about “healing cities” Kanye expressed that he doesn’t believe Lebron James should’ve went to Los Angeles. He stated, “I’mma just, it’s not my place … but just to make it Ye — I feel like LeBron really needs to be in Cleveland. It aint my place, Im sorry Mav & Lebron for saying, I know Im speaking out of place, but I feel like LeBron needs to be in Cleveland. Ye needs to be in Chicago. Big U needs to be in Crenshaw.”

It seems Kanye believes James needs to be in Cleveland in order to influence positive change in his hometown not knowing James is making just as big as an impact in Cleveland despite his move to Los Angeles.

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