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Kanye West Donates $150,000 to Jemel Roberson’s Family


The much hyped Kim and Kanye on Celebrity Family Feud aired last night

There has been so much backlash in regards to Jemel Roberson, a 26-year old security guard who was simply doing his job during a bar shooting in Chicago. After customers of the bar got kicked out, they returned shortly after and fired a couple rounds. Jemel shot back and was able to catch one of the men. He held him hostage until the police arrived but instead of arresting the  suspect, police shot and killed Jemel.

In spite of the backlash there is also an outpour of love and support for Jemel and his family. In fact, Kanye West has donated $150,000 to Jemel’s family dispersing it in checks of $15,000.

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