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Lebron Gifts Equipment Manager With The Shoes Off His Feet


LeBron James' Los Angeles Home Was Vandalized

During Friday’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies, Lebron James did the unthinkable. He gave the Grizzlies equipment manager the shoes off his feet.

Lebron explained that every year he comes to Memphis he has always secretly noticed the equipment manager wearing a very exclusive pair of his shoes. He just never publicly acknowledged it. This particular time he decided to say something and because of her response  she got a pair of Lebron’s directly from Lebron, himself.

The equipment manager, Brian’e Miller, explained:

“It’s emotional because so many years I’ve been idolizing him. He has so many fans. That’s the thing. I’m not a fan just when LeBron comes. I’m a fan when he’s not looking, so it was just really cool to see him appreciate me.”

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