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Tyrese's abuse case against him has been officially closed

Tyrese’s Abuse Case Against Him Has Been Officially Closed

Tyrese’s abuse case against him has been officially closed. And he’s apparently squashed his beef with Dwayne Johnson. The investigation by child services into the alleged physical abuse of his 10-year-old daughter, Shayla, is over and there will be no charges. His ex, Norma Gibson was trying to get a permanent restraining order against him. Read it all… Read more »

Randy Says Janet’s Husband Regularly Verbally Abused Her

Randy says Janet’s husband regularly verbally abused her. I’ll #spillthetea. Nicki Minaj wouldn’t go stage until she got some Popeyes. Tyrese’s ex accuses him of beating their daughter. Thanks for checking out #TonysTea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio!

Tyrese is not letting up on The Rock Over his spin-off

Tyrese’s Ex Claims He Beat Their Daughter Badly Last Month

Tyrese’s ex claims he beat their daughter badly last month. In court papers, Norma Mitchell Gibson alleges Tyrese, “went into a rage, pushed our daughter to the ground, pinned her face down, put his knees on her back, grabbed her hands with one arm and beat her with the other.” She also claims that Tyrese accused their… Read more »

Tyler Perry financially supports the man that abused his family

Tyler Perry Financially Supports the Man That Abused His Family

Tyler Perry financially supports the man that abused his family. Why would Tyler Perry continue to support Emmitt Perry, Sr.? He says, “Number one, my mother asked me to because she loved him. And secondly, as terrible as he was, and as horrible as he was, he never once left us. We were never hungry. And… Read more »

Anita Baker’s HUGE Announcement

Anita Baker makes a big announcement. I’ll #spillthetea. R. Kelly clears up the rumor. Paula Patton accuses Robin Thicke of child abuse. Thanks for checking out Tony’s Tea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio!

Jam Master Jay's murder is officially ruled a cold case

4-Year Old Thought Her Name Was Idiot

She was bruised and abused. And had scars that point to past abuse. Serious abuse. When police got to her they asked her what her name was. She said, “Idiot.” There CANNOT be a plea deal. Read here.

Ludacris Investigated for Child Abuse?

Ludacris is being investigated for child abuse. Claims made, according to Luda, by his daughter’s mother. I’ll spill the tea. Stevie Wonder schools the British on #BlackLivesMatter. Prayers for Courtney B. Vance’s mother. Thanks for watching Tony’s Tea on Smooth R&B 105.7!

Ludacris is being sued for using a copyrighted photo of boobs

Ludacris Accused of Child Molestation

Ludacris was investigated by the Department of Family and Children Services because of a child abuse complaint filed against him. Luda, claims it’s a complaint filed by his daughter’s mother. This whole thing is a mess. Read more here.