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TI has been charged with three misdemeanors from an incident in May

TI Has Been Charged with Three Misdemeanors from an Incident in May

TI has been charged with three misdemeanors from an incident in May. TI was trying to enter the gated community where he lives. He got into an argument with a security guard that wouldn’t let him in. Prosecutors in Henry County, Georgia charged TI with public drunkenness, simple assault and disorderly conduct. TI’s attorney Steve Sadow said the… Read more »

Meek Mill is staying in Jail so says Judge Genece Brinkley

Meek Mill Is Staying in Jail So Says Judge Genece Brinkley

Meek Mill is staying in jail so says Judge Genece Brinkley. Common Pleas Judge Genece Brinkley said no to a motion to let Meek Mill get bailed out. She says Meek is a danger to the community. His lawyers call it a travesty of justice. There’s allegedly history between Meek and Judge Brinkley. His lawyer, Brian J…. Read more »

Suge Knight's girlfriend pleads out deal to selling video evidence

Suge Knight’s Girlfriend Pleads Out Deal to Selling Video Evidence

Suge Knight’s girlfriend pleads out deal to selling video evidence. The video was sealed evidence in Suge’s murder trial. Toi-Lin Kelly pled no contest yesterday to conspiracy to violate a court order. She got 100 hours of community service. Toi-Lin must also pay a hamburger stand in Compton $55,000. The hamburger stand provided surveillance video of Suget… Read more »

Tyrese Didn’t Mean to Diss Jay-Z

Tyrese wants to go on the record – HE DID NOT MEAN TO DISS JAY-Z! Tyrese wasn’t putting anyone in particular in hip hop on blast for not doing enough for the community. Although it kind of looks like that. Read here.

Tyrese's wife Samantha wants you to know this about her

Tyrese Breaks Up Fight Between Lyfe Jennings and David Banner

More of a debate than a fight, but OK. It happened at a town hall meeting that was to find answers on building trust between the Black community and police. David Banner suggested maybe more guns is the answer. Lyfe Jennings disagreed and it got heated. You know it went viral. Tyrese was the voice… Read more »

Columbus Short Headed to Rehab

Columbus Short tested positive for cocaine and marijuana use last month and is looking at a probation violation in a felony assault case. It’ll be at an outpatient facility around L.A., for at least 4 months but not longer than six. He also got more community service. If he messes this up, he’ll be subject… Read more »