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Ezekiel Elliott is suing the NFL for trying to demonize him

Ezekiel Elliott is Suing the NFL for Trying to Demonize Him

Ezekiel Elliott is suing the NFL for trying to demonize him. The NFLPA, the players union filed a lawsuit in Texas. The claim the NFL is conducting a “League-orchestrated conspiracy by senior NFL executives … to hide critical information which would exonerate Elliott.” The NFLPA says the league’s investigator, Kia Roberts, recommended no suspension for Zeke based on… Read more »

Michael Irvin will NOT be charged in a rape case

Michael Irvin Will NOT be Charged in a Rape Case

Michael Irvin will NOT be charged in a rape case. The alleged incident involved a 27-year old woman at a Ft. Lauderdale hotel last March. The woman told police Michael Irvin sexially assaulted her in his hotel room. Prosecutors say, “The Irvin case has been closed out for lack of evidence and no likelihood of conviction.”… Read more »

Dak Prescott replaces Cam Newton for Dannon Yogurt gig

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott Wants to Get His PhD in Psychology

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott wants to get his PhD in psychology. Dak already has his Bachelors and Masters from Mississippi State. “Just getting my degrees has helped me immensely, just within the game of football and with people, just making me more educated in general. It’s something I continue to do. I’m actually continuing… Read more »

Cowboys Randy Gregory Fails 7th Drug Test

Dallas Cowboys’ defense lineman Randy Gregory has failed his 7th drug test. Randy, 24, was suspended for a year in January. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones disagreed with the suspension at the time saying he believed Randy was “genuine in his rehab process.” Is his career over? Read more here.

Michael Irvin will NOT be charged in a rape case

Michael Irvin – Canceled!

Michael Irvin has been removed as the speaker at a high school awards shindig in Arkansas after a woman accused Michael of sexual assault. Read that here. Organizers of the event say the accusation is causing a conflict and distraction. They realize that its only an accusation but they don’t want to take away from… Read more »

Aunt Viv Comes for Carlton

Janet Hubert is not feeling being left out of the Fresh Prince reunion photo. I’ll #spillthetea. Afeni Shakur’s estate wants ALL of Tupac’s stuff back. Michael Irvin is accused of sexual assault. Thanks for checking out Tony’s Tea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio!

New Video Of Greg Hardy Arrest Surfaces

New video of former Dallas Cowboys’ player Greg Hardy’s arrest has surfaced. This was from last September, when he was stopped and police found cocaine. He wasn’t playing for anyone at the time. This is badge camera video.

REPORT: Dallas Cowboys to Release Tony Romo Tomorrow

After 14 years, Tony Roma’s time with the Dallas Cowboys is coming to an end. According to multiple reports, both locally and nationally, the Cowboys will release Tony Romo. The NFL 2017 season officially begins tomorrow at 3pm. The Denver Broncos and Houston Texans are supposedly hot for Tony Romo. Thanks for everything Tony! Read… Read more »