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Tisha Campbell-Martin lands a pilot for a drama on ABC

Tisha Campbell-Martin Lands a Pilot for a Drama on ABC

Tisha Campbell-Martin lands a pilot for a drama on ABC. It’ll be directed by Regina King. The pilot has no title yet, but it explores the lives of five African-American sisters, all officers in the NYPD. Tisha will play Sgt. Anise Kendrick-Morrison. Does this mean if it’s picked up they’ll be no “Martin,” reboot? More here.

April Ryan Spilled the Tea on Omarosa Getting FIRED and not Resigning

April Ryan spilled the tea on Omarosa getting FIRED and not resigning. As you know, Omarosa resigned her position as President Trump’s communications director at the White House Office of Public Liaison. Her last day is January 20. Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced it, “Omarosa Manigault Newman resigned yesterday to pursue other opportunities. Her departure will not be… Read more »

Jay-Z explains cheating on Beyonce

Jay-Z Explains Cheating on Beyonce

Jay-Z explains cheating on Beyonce. I’ll #spillthetea. Russell Simmons steps down from his companies. Why did Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert’s marriage really end? Thanks for watching #TonysTea from the Smooth R&B 105.7 studio!

Jill Scott has her own Harvey Weinstein story and it isn't good

Jill Scott Has Her Own Harvey Weinstein Story and It Isn’t Good

Jill Scott has her own Harvey Weinstein story and it isn’t good. Jill made several posts on Twitter about her experience with Harvey Weinstein. “When I met Harvey Weinstein, he was RUDE. In the NASTIEST tone he said “Who told you to get pregnant?!” And rolled his eyes in disgust.” Jill also added, “What’s true… Read more »

Lee Daniels is Producing Another Drama and Here Comes a Russell Simmons Biopic

Lee Daniels – OUT!

Lee Daniels is no longer going to direct the Richard Pryor movie. The movie has Mike Epps and Oprah attached to it. Now, we’ll have to see if that still is going to happen. It was supposed to start shooting this past March. It didn’t because of Lee Daniels. Don’t be mad. He has a… Read more »

Warner Bros. opening up their film director workshop

The WB Emerging Film Directors Workshop provides an opportunity for emerging filmmakers to gain an education and experience in the studio filmmaking process. Through the program, the Studio will also have the opportunity to continue its tradition of working with and nurturing the talents of the best emerging filmmakers. Over the course of the program,… Read more »