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Kevin Hart Made Michael Jordan Mad Once

T.I. and Tiny have known their daughter carries a gun. I’ll spill the tea. Kevin Hart speaks on the time he ticked off Michael Jordan. Thanks for watching Tony’s Tea on Smooth R&B 105.7!

Kevin Hart and T.I. are doing a comedy show for Showtime

That Time Kevin Hart Ticked Off Michael Jordan

Kevin Hart is making the rounds promoting his new movie with Dwayne Johnson, “Central Intelligence.” He went on “Jimmy Kimmel,” and told a story about the time he made Michael Jordan mad while doing his stand up.

Denzel Washington says the high rate for Black Incarceration starts at home

Denzel’s son set Twitter on fire

His hotness is what er’body is talking about. He’s a cast member of HBO’s “Ballers,” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Check out his pic here.